We start the adventure in 2021

Bahalana socks is a brand of socks that was born in 2021 from the progression of a family business with more than 50 years of experience. We are manufacturers. We make socks a more fashionable accessory in our day to day, always respecting our values.

Spontaneity, passion, dedication and sustainability. We merge these 4 values ​​to create our philosophy. Always at your feet.

Take risks, enjoy and live and let whatever happens happen. It is our philosophy as a brand and we want you to soak up it with our socks. Bahalana is a Tagalog expression widely used by Filipinos similar to Carpe diem and which means something like "whatever happens"


    We continuously develop new timeless collections in order to adjust to the needs and demands of our customers. Complying with the highest quality standards.

    We offer a comprehensive service, in which we master all phases of the process, from the raw material to delivery.

    We are committed to the contribution of a business model that respects the environment. Selecting the best raw material and 100% recyclable packaging.